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Dear Internet Marketers,

GetFreePremium.Com is a brand new authority blog about Free legal solutions for Internet Marketing, It was publish on 19-Sep-12 .

Having a look at the domain Get Free Premium, what you think!?
You may think that this is a website dedicated to sharing copyrighted programs such as: software, premium accounts, interfaces, source website, … which are Cracked, nulled or serial ;) ?

Yeah, That’s absoluately WRONG !

I assume responsibility for this website that It does not store or introduce any illegal products , content, software or copyright work here. I give my word for it

What the GetFreePremium offers:

1. Recommend Premium Free Trial service, free trial digital products , giveaways,… get full of free premium solutions for internet business →
2. The Ebook on other authority websites: I do not post direct links to download, just give instruction on how to access and download those .
3. Free website themes delivered from the merchane , such as
4. Seo tools, online marketing tools provided free of charge . These products arenot for sale, just released for widely downloaded to get huge viral traffic .

In This Blog You wil Find All You Need to succeed in the Internet Marketing World. I’ll introduce all the premium free solutions and my own experience to help you do SEO , Internet Marketing { Make money with Affiliate marketing , Adsence )  the SMART ways . My goal is simple… it is to help you make more money in Internet Marketing and I will do my best to make that possible. In order for me to help you, I need a small commitment on your behalf. Please promise me to TAKE ACTION on the new stuff you will come across on this site. If you organize yourself properly and take action… I GUARANTEE you that you’ll be making much more money in Internet Marketing. is dedicated to people who like in the Internet marketing , themes design skills. The content is here just for the comparison and study materials only. not for commercial use. Using the themes, plugins, and the software you get from here wisely.

If you believe that your copyrighted material may have been unintentionally infringed, please write to us directly for immediate removal.

Congratulations on your decision to start your own Internet Business , working as an Affiliate or make money with niche website based on advertisements model like Adsence . I am an Business blogger , too and i am sure that It seems complex and quite difficult for the new who want to run online business at the beginning .

You are entering a field that is in high demand, so your chances of becomming a professional Entrepreneurs  are more than excellent! But in fact , the number of successful internet marketers is so few !

What is the main reason ?

The fail have been working HARD , they are doing all the work that is indispensable, it cost much time and bring very little return for their effort .

While the pro just focus on WORKING SMART ! They know how to create an action plan that specialize in creating long term online asset .

For example: A guy named A create a niche site about golf, he write so much generic content that isnot helpful at all for the audience ,so  none comes back that worthless site. As the bounce rate increases, Search engines willnot put any trust rank on the site . That result in no cent made from that niche site .

The pro always create a plan and follow it with Smart support tools and Focus.

For instant, with an adsence niche website model:

How to make money with Adsence Niche website

Here is a plan the SMART workers do :

Step 1: Keyword Research { Find Niche market }

Find the Niche idea or micro niche with the Long tail pro tool (Search engines are in love with long tail keywords! If you are able to provide relevant content targeting these long tail keywords, then you can see a dramatic increase to the amount of traffic Google and other search engines send you.
Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that makes finding these valuable long tail keywords a breeze. Get a FREE 10-day Trial of Long Tail Pro! ← Click on this link to Download Free 10 days trial )

Another way to find micro niche market : Go to Marketplace on , Loot at the product categories , choose the niche you prefer and get a long list of digital products to promote as an affiliate . My surefire method to get the first affiliate sale are:

√ Choose product that is not more than $30

√  If you promote an ebook or wordpress plugin, software , just do a search on Forums to know what the real customers talk about the product, and may find a trial version to be familiar with the product’s feature and benefits . After that, Write your own review on the product and start massive promotion action, I’ll show how to promote later …

Step 2: Register a domain name { Based on the main keyword }

You had better get a domain name for niche website that is exactly the same as main keyword , I call it Domain Keyword.

For example : A Niche idea about premium magazine wordpress theme

The image below I cought from the Google Adwords ( the best free keyword analysic tool nowadays, login with your gmail to access all the free features )

long-tail-keyword-adsence-niche-site Keyword Domain Finding Technique

So, you should register a domain www.PremiumMagazineWordpressTheme.Com

Why i am writing this letter, the domain above is available :)

That domain is so long ! How much profit can you earn with a keyword ?

No prolem, take a closer analysic for that Long tail Keyword domain .

The Global Montly searches is : 2900

get-free-premium-adsense-money-makerThe Niche site oftens get much traffic from Google, Let’s do optimize the search engine ( SEO ) to get it rank #1 on Google, the site will receive about 70% free traffic , That’s about 2030 Visit a month . I support that 1% of visitors should click on adsence ads { Each click is worth about $0,1 } , so you’ll earn 20,3 * $1 = $20,3 . A single Micro Niche site will brings you $20,3 on passive income a month . That is just a long tail keyword,Choosing a bigger niche means larger audience and much more FREE traffic from Search Engine .

Step 3: Build WordPress website { Thesic recommended }

get free premium thesic theme frameworkI have used Thesic for more than 2 years, I must say This is the best SEO WordPress theme ever . Everyone can become an Onpage SEO expert with no advanced SEO knowledge needed . With this Theme Framework, It’s easy to optimize the Onpage SEO function . You know, Mattcutts ( He is Google software engineer since January 2000 and is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team ) also used Thesic theme . If you donot have enough money for the theme purchase, feel free to download a Free Premium WordPress SEO Plugin → WordPress SEO by Yoast , This plugin improves your WordPress SEO,  Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast . Choose a website theme that suits your Niche idea . Example : You choose a niche about health , you need to find a theme that is well – designed with health style ( health image background , Header banner , … } About Money Maker website , blog themes , you can get some free premium here →

Step 4: Write unique content { outsource , PLR article ideas , Rewrite & value added for the content }

People say Content is King. In fact, Content is online asset of the Niche website . The more content , the more money on the long term .

What you need to have a killer content strategy :

The Content structure writing skill: You need to practice the writing skills , learn the article structure layout basic

The Content development :

  • Find the unlimited ideas for articles with Google Adsence Keyword tools , Create a list of thousands of long tail keyword, with each keyword , write an article or Join the forum community in your niche , get to know what they are discussing and write about that .
  • Another tips to get idea for new fresh content : Take in the Article directory , i recommend the Ezinearticles as this is the best article directory now ! All the articles are moderated strictly to make sure the qualified unique content .
  • The cheapest way to get ideas is from FREE PLR articles , PLR aticles are articles that you have full right to use that content , you can edit part of it or all the content and mark it your own work, nice ! But , WARNING ! DONOT copy & paste the available PLR article and publish them on your Niche website as that kind of content have been posted many places before and your Niche site will get into trouble of duplicated content and may be moved in sandbox by Google ! JUST get the idea and the structure from PLR to rewrite and add much value to the article . You can add more real experience , example , illustration images into the content .
  • You can also have a Freelancer team who helps you along a go, they will do all difficult work that you arenot good at . With this approach, you can have many qualified articles even no passion or knowledge about the niche.

Step 5: Optimize the Onpage SEO

Content is King and SEO is Queen . Why you need  Onpage SEO ?

On page SEO  is making sure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible,It helps the spiders to crawl your website much better.

How to Optimize the Onpage SEO, here are some simples methods :

  • Make sure that all of your web pages can be indexed by search engines ( there is no page broken )
  • Have unique content on every single page ( DONOT use bad content from free article directories , JUST generate unique content from your own voice )
  • Meta-tags are arranged correctly – Your page title tags and description tags should describe the content of your different web pages . Use custom SEO page for each web page .
  • Use the rel=”nofollow” tag in the links to websites that you do not trust
  • Make sure that your code is valid, in some instances bad code can lead to search engines not being able to properly read a page. Use the W3C validator to check your markup.

Step 6: Offpage SEO { Backlink strategies }

I hereby suggest some the factors that deal with off-page SEO

Article Marketing :
Article marketing is the most easy and popular method to drive traffic towards the website. If you want to look your website in higher rankings in search engines then article marketing is the best option. Write genegic articles about your niche and submit them to free article directoris ( ezinearticles, goarticles  … ) to chase for backlink .
I’ll show you how to spin the article
Creating Your Own Web 2.0 Backlinks
You probably know what a web 2.0 website is (one of the most trusted backlinks you can receive , and you should be building these trusted links . Web 2.0 includes Free Blogging service ( Blogger , WordPress , , … )
Article exchange with websites in your niche
Find other websites , blogs in your niche , Contact the admin for an article exchange , They publish your article and you post their article on your website to get Backlinks in the author box , The both will benefit from this exchange .

Step 7:  Online Marketing { Brand , real target traffic , … }

No target traffic , no money ! You need real traffic from real people who are interested in your topic , they are in need of information, they are having prolems , pain and they are looking for the solutions . You are the one providing those solutions . The secret is to become an expert in your niche , extremely helpful , always keep the social in mind . You help as many people as possible . I am sure they will show respect towards your help and be willing to buy product you promote . On the niche website , put many free giveaways ready for download , you can offer free ebook , report , ultimate guides , tools , … to build authority, brand .

Focus on the target audience community , if you are in golf niche , DONOT join the forum about Forex :)

Step 8: Niche site monetizing : Adsence , Affiliate , etc, ..

Adsence is the main monetizing method for Niche website , You should choose maximum 2 monetizing ways . Adsence and Affiliate . Donot put more than 3 ads banner on site . The best way to place adsence code are TOP header and above the fold to increase the CTR ratio .

Step 9: Publish more useful content

Content is MONEY , Keep writing article and publish on Niche site , 5 articles a week is awesome . Look for active topics the potential readers are interested in and write more and more content for solution , Answer questions ,etc … Create an content strategy and follow it with consistent . Think of long term online asset , Your Niche website has about 2000 premium article after 2 years . How much passive income will you earn then ? Each article brings at least $0,5 / month and You receive pure profit $1000 every month with no work at all .

Step 10 : Come back to Step 5 and the system goes on recyling .

That’s it ! Building a niche site from scratch and make it an auto profit machine is EASY .

On this site, I’ll share with you the free best tools to help archive the goal, the best free technique that takes your Internet Marketing business to the next level .

For example : About Spinning Articles

You dont need to buy any spinning software , there is a free service that provide spinning tax , Check it out →

Read my tutorial on how to use Spinning technique for Article Marketing →

Wish you a lucrative Internet business

Kind regards ,